Friday, September 19

Campfire Cookies

We are totally going try and make these sometime soon. This is a picture Trevor took of one of the cookies made in the bakery at work last week. I think the boys would have so much fun with these ;-)

Wednesday, September 17

Tristian Missouri GLE/CLE Math Pretest Results (98%)

Got Tristian's pretest results and he scored in the 98 percentile in 2nd Grade Math, the same percentile as his 2nd Grade Language Arts pretest results. The test suggests Tristian is ready to learn skills ranging from 4th Grade to Algebra II. Not sure how that wide a range works. I would personally put Tristian's ability and where he's comfortable as being around 5th Grade, depending.

Tuesday, September 16

Lowes Build and Grow Binoculars

The boys got to make binoculars at Lowes Build and Grow this last Saturday. Such a cool project and it's housed in a wooden box frame so should actually last for quite a while ;-)