Friday, February 12

Valentines for Room at the Inn Shelter (50 Bags of Brownies )

We made 50 valentine bags with brownies in them this year for the Room at the Inn shelter! The boys had such a blast remembering how important it is to show everyone God's love =)

Monday, February 8

Free Math Curriculum Game

Tristian says the Prodigy Math Game is like, "Getting to play Torchlight and do math at the same time!" For my little math guru that is better then sliced bread. Granted, considering his gluten allergy, that might be a bit of a skewed comparison ;-)

Even so, he's been having a blast using his character (the wizard Tristan Magicgiver) to battle "bad dudes" and bosses. Each attack required answering a math question right. The questions are pulled from the curriculum or lesson the parent or teacher chooses.

The game is available for free, though there are some advantages to being a paying member. Haven't checked the cost of that since are just enjoying the freeness ;-) Just wanted to share, check it out by CLICKING HERE

Saturday, February 6

Valentine Tie Dying

It's February and time for us to make valentines for the Room at the Inn shelter our church helps run every year. I saw tons of fun paper dying projects this year and decided we should try our hand at it for making our valentines.

It was super easy and turned out great. Some cheap shaving cream, food dye, a pan, heart doilies, on curious kitten and two messy little boys later we had some fantastic valentines waiting to be put to use!


Saturday, January 16

Trace's Brain Growth MRI

There's been a lot of pictures of Trace lately without his big brother. Bear with me for one more set. Trace had his MRI on Thursday. It went smoothly and now hoping for good news.