Saturday, April 19

Tris and Trace Showing Off Their Eggs

Today we used a sponge dye kit today to decorate Easter eggs. The colors are fantastic... the mess is not, lol. I think next year we will use the same kind of kit ($1- Dollar Tree) but with paint brushes and a way to immobilize the eggs while painting. They finished off their eggs with some face stickers (also $1- Dollar Tree). As a bonus Uncle Davey and his Amanda were over today to help with the eggs, spend some time and check out the boy's new fish.

The picture is of the boys deciding which eggs to eat and which to leave for the Easter Bunny.

Thursday, April 10

Trace's Pulminologist Update- Severe Asthma (damage markings in lungs)

You may remember several weeks ago we had bad colds that royally screwed with my, Tristian and- surprisingly, Trace's lungs. Trace stopped breathing twice one night, resulting in me giving him a nebulizer befor his Dad rushed him to the ER. He responded so well to the nebulizer that the ER just thought he was mildly sick and wouldn't even do a lung xray or check for RSV. The next day we set an appt with Dr Konig. More below-