Tuesday, October 21

Update- both boys getting worse, pulmonologist appt tomorrow

I mentioned on the ER post that I suspected Tris was headed down he same road as Trace, since he started having a tighter and tighter cough Sunday and that proved true. Both boys were running fevers again as of last night. Tris' started right before bed and Trace's started yesterday morning. Those fevers greatly raise the probability that last week's cold became this week's respiratory infection.

Monday, October 20

Trace- ER Trip Friday Night and More

Thursday night we nearly took Trace into the ER. He kept choking on mucus- leaving Trevor and I both very rattled. He wasn't running a fever anymore for a  couple days, so the cold itself was well past. However, for us often the scariest part of colds comes after the illness itself has ran its course and the body starts to try and flush out the excess mucus. It can start a chain reaction causing more mucus to be produced and our air passages to swell up even tighter then the actually virus caused. The resulting asthma flare is too often much worse then the illness was.

Tuesday, October 14

Trace's New Bed...

Tris and Trace still have colds and last night Tristian was having a lot of trouble breathing. I went in around 1am to start Tris on a nebulizer and noticed his brother wasn't in his bed.