Friday, December 19

Elf on the Shelf and Lipstick on the Mirror

Happy was up to no good again, I don't know how these little scout elves stay on Santa's nice list. The elf letter hint said that it's fun to write in Mom's lipstick on the mirror... uh-oh!

The cards Happy uses to create his elf size letters are found at another blog by CLICKING HERE.

Wednesday, December 17

Trace's Hormone Kit Arrived

Now let's work on getting it where he won't fit in the child size duffle bag. A bit of de ja vue from opening Tristian's 3 years ago.  The kit has all the trappings of the medication at home and travel. From the sharps container to a lunch box size cooler and a bag to haul it all in. Tris' bag was adult size and we don't use it much for this or otherwise. The first shipment actual meds should be coming soon and we can start getting our seemingly permanent tiny tot to big boy size ;-)

Tuesday, December 9

Elf on the Shelf- Candy Cane Search

I scattered candy canes all around.
They are just waiting to be found.
Find them all and bring them here.
Put extra candy canes on the tree this year!

-Happy Zeiger, Scout Elf