Thursday, April 27

First Picture With a New Camera

It has been a while sense I posted- I have lots of pictures I need to upload as backdated posts. I'm sure I will have time, someday!

Friday, March 10

Make a St. Patrick's Day Workbook from's Worksheets (upper elementary)

I made this workbook collection last year, on St. Patrick's Day, for Tristian. I figure some other homeschoolers might be looking for St. Patrick's Day stuff, so wanted to share it this year. The site already has a kindergarten St. Patrick's Day workbook, so I didn't need to make Trace one.

CLICK HERE; then, use the "download as collection" option & follow print directions in the description. Makes Happy St. Patrick's on front cover, subject on inside, contents as first page, a craft on the inside of the back cover (I put crafts on the back cover because I use cardstock as the covers) & a pot of gold on the back cover.

Downloading as collections and downloading workbooks is only available for paid accounts, I'm sorry. If you have a FREE account you can still download worksheets one at a time, but the site only allows so many free downloads each month. But if you CLICK HERE I've put together a collection of the St. Patrick's Day worksheet downloads that download multiple sheets, but only count as one download each.

***ATTENTION*** We did NOT receive incentive from & we bought our own membership- just sharing in case anyone else wanted an upper elementary St. Patrick's Day themed workbook.

Monday, November 28

Day Pillows For the Boys

Long time! Things have been crazy around here, but I will get the blog updated soon. Just sharing some 27" day pillows I made for the boys for Christmas. They are over some 27" forms and the covers zip up one side, so they can be pulled off and washed. Wonderful feeling green or yellow minky on one side for Tristian and an awesome dark or light blue based airplane design on the other side for Trace.

Saturday, August 27

Aikido and Build & Grow

We had a great Saturday morning! We got some HULK action in at Lowes Build & Grow. Daddy didn't work til 10am today, which is when Build & Grow starts, and Lowes is right next to Daddy's work; so, we basically followed him into work. The boys thought that was too weird.

Today was their first class of Aikido! Tris has taken Tae Kwon Do previous years, but Aikido has kids classes and the age range for one of the classes is 6-9yrs. So, they get to be together and with kids their age! Plus, them being in the same class is very convenient for Mommy ;-)

It only took the instructors about 20 minutes of the first class to realize that moving Trace next to his brother was the best idea ever. Tristian has a calming and focusing effect on his scattered, hyperactive brother; while, Trace's familiarity makes Tristian less anxious and so less reserved in trying unfamiliar things. I'm really glad they are getting to do this class together, this year!

Tuesday, August 23

#NotBackToSchool #JustGotMyZennis #LifeOKay

Our family is having a BLAST with the end of summer, right now, and gearing up for a new homeschool year! Trace got added to the roster of Zeiger eye-glass wearers; so, we celebrated new glasses, not back to school and enjoying the last little bit of summer freedom with a fun little photo shoot at Cosmo Park, yesterday.

Not A Plug: if you need eye wear- we got Daddy, Tristian and Trace a pair of eye glasses and sunglasses each, with FREE antireflective coatings (coupon action), for $67.50 total after shipping! Check out cause those prices made Mommy super happy ;-)

On to the pictures: