Wednesday, July 30

A Child's (spinning) View

Short 20 second video where, like other great shows, the twist at the end makes it. Trevor and I were going through the boys tablet, this is just one of many funny pictures or videos.

Sunday, July 27

Knit Spiderman Spawn/Venom Inspired Hat Set

The hat and cowl set that will be from Tristian to Trace for Christmas. I woke up sick last Sundays and finished Tristian's Batman set while sick this last week. Then, last night Trace woke up around 1am running 103+ fever and I still haven't really gotten sleep (he finally went back to sleep around 6am) but finished this set sometime early am. I expected to take much longer finishing both sets; being sick and stationary sorta moved them right along though =p Trace get's more fever meds at 8am and hopefully I can nap a bit then.

Tuesday, July 22

Knit Batman Hat, Striped Scarf

Set I'm working on that will be from Trace to Tris for Christmas. Little different from the original plan, but still cute. Did the hat in the round- don't think I'll do color changes besides stripes in the round again. Much nicer finish when working those in the flat, I think. About half way done with the scarf. Dark blue and bright yellow match the hat; added black, cream and a brighter blue for more scarf stripes. May or not block/add fringe- see what it looks like.

Still planning a spawn/venom hat for Trace from Tris.

Monday, July 21

Trace & Ella

Just a couple sweet pics of Trace and Ella a bit ago at a play date while Nana took Karma and Tris to one of Tris' tball games.