Friday, December 7

Bathroom Banaza!

That's the title of my board on Pinterest that I used to store ideas for sprucing up our bathroom. See it here-

Bathroom Banaza :)

We are going to try and put our house on the market this spring, so are fixing the stuff that needs to be fixed. Like replacing the bathroom floorboards. Seriously, carpet in a bathroom is a horrible idea! We had just pulled up the carpet and put down lenoleum when we moved in (I know, I know bandaid fixes are dumb). So now we've got to really fix it.

We started with paint (was a whimsical light green and light purple, not extremely male friendly, bless my husband for loving me enough to say 'no really, I like it more then I thought I would . . .' Lol. Going for a more neutral look. Gray cabinets & white walls. I hate white walls, but this look actually works. At least it does in the pictures I've seen ;-)

My best paint tip? Don't put the paint can lids on the floors. Totally didn't notice I'd stepped on it til my husband started laughing. Whoops! At least we're replacing the floor too ;-)

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