Tuesday, December 11

Be Nice to Your Brother, He'll be Your Best Friend Forever

Tristian and Trace at the Zoo this summer
Parenting is rough some times, often, most the time. It's hard to know what we are suppose to do. That whole no handbook thing.

My husband grew up pretty close to his siblings. I love mine, but... not quite the same story. One of the first things Trevor and I talked about when we discussed trying to have another baby after Tristian was that I wanted something better for him (story of every parent's life right?), a closer sibling relationship. 

When Trace was a few months old we attended a wedding for Trevor's cousin. It was sorta doubly nice because when Trevor and I started dating his cousin and now wife also lived in town and started dating at around the same time. We hung out a lot, all worked at the same place and it seems special that we ended up all together and family. At the supper the night before the wedding the bride said a special thank you speech to her parents. I don't remember most of it, but one thing she said was, "(Mom & Dad) When my sister and I fought you always told us to make up and be nice to each other, because we'd be each others best friends forever, and that is so true." When she said that something clicked for me. 

Making sure the boys grow up close isn't about making sure they don't fight or they like the same things. It's about making sure they know they love each other, and they will always be there for each other. It's about a strong bond and stronger foundation. It's us showing them every day that arguing isn't more then in the moment, that love and caring is the most important part of family.

One of the most often heard statements in our home today is, "Be nice to your brother, he'll be your best friend forever." The more they fight, the more they hear it. I can only pray that my husband and my own example, along with those often repeated words, will help create a bond that lasts a lifetime.

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