Saturday, December 15

Brockley and Bazil update

UPDATE: Brockley and Bazil are home!!!
 No word on our pups.

The gate was wide open, not just slightly open like if the dogs had somehow unlatched it (from the top, 5 feet up) and gotten out. Plus the bar was moved and set against the fence to the side- so it's very unlikely someone did not let them out.

There was about an hour time period between when Trevor left for work and I was up and noticed they were gone.

I am afraid of what happened to them. Both had pushed their way out under the side steps once (now the steps are boarded underneath) but both stayed in the front yard. I don't know how long they were out that time, but they are out with us regularly and stay right in the yard. I don't know what would have made both leave. Bazil I could see, but Brockley, given his choice would rather lay on the porch. It seems so odd that in just an hour (at most) they would have already ran off, and so far as to not be able to hear me call.

The whole thing is awful.

We have never had a christmas without Brockley, we got him together about half a year before I got pregnant with Tristian.

Just have to keep hoping for the best.

I will have a more normal post today as well in a couple hours about us making homemade candy earlier this week.

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