Tuesday, December 18

Candy Making: Gluten Free

The boys really love pretzels, so for this year's gluten free candy I went that route.

The easiest option being to get gluten free pretzel sticks and gluten free chocolate chips.

Melt chocolate, dip pretzel sticks, spin the a little against a spoon dipped in chocolate to even out the coating and you're done. It's repetitive and takes a bit, but easy.

Trace really enjoyed 'helping'. When I came across a broken stick he could have it and got to dip a little chocolate on it to eat. 

While we did that Tristian and Amanda were making devinity (which calls for corn syrup- so I can't do. Anyone have a good devinity corn syrup substitute?)
After the boys went to bed I made these to the right. 

The idea came from a pin on Pinterest. It's in my fabulous food board, you can find my Pinterest page by clicking the Pinterest button on the left of this blog page. In the pin they used normal circle pretzels, hershey kisses and m&ms.

I liked the look so we got Wylde circle gluten free pretzels, gluten free chocolate chips- because these are too small for hershey kisses and normal m&ms (which don't say gluten free, but didn't have a contains gluten- nor had anything I recognized as gluten or a cross contamination issue). 

I put the pretzels on some baking safe wax paper, put on a pan and put chips in each circle. Put them in the oven on 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. Then pressed the m&ms into the centers on top the chocolate. 

The sticks are for taking to holiday gatherings so the boys have a gluten free homemade candy to eat. The circles are in the freezer and going to be their special treat left for them on the fireplace Christmas morning.

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