Saturday, December 15

Candy Making: A Holiday Tradition

December means homemade candy. Chocolate dipped pretzels, raisin clusters, fudge, turtles, pecan clusters, divinity, etc... Lots of candy making memories and lots of yummy homemade goodness.

Earlier this week Amanda, myself and my two boys headed over to Aunt Debbie's (Amanda's mom, and though not technically a grandmother to my boys she is still their Nana) to participate in this years candy making.

Trace is still too young to help, so he got to play with Amanda's 15 month old niece, Ella.
Trace is 29 months old, but from medical complications is actually a little smaller then Ella and is just now starting to say words we can understand- so they are evenly enough matched to enjoy playing together. I really don't think he felt left out at all. He had a playmate and got to lick one of the spoons. He appeared truly delighted with the day's activities.

Back to the actual candy making. For those that haven't made a lot of candy- it's not easy stuff to do. There's lots of stirring, lots of timing (that slightly frantic moment when making fudge after you pull the pot off the stove and try to simultaneously pour vanilla, bark and the insanely sticky marshmellow fluff into the pot while stirring). There is of course the taste testing, and just as importantly- trying to keep Papa Ron from eating everything under the guise of taste-testing. Plus, there's always at least one quick trip to the store for the all important ingredient that was forgotten. We forgot bark this year, how do you forget bark for candy making? Well, however, we did.

We made about 15 sheets of candy altogether (and still need to make divinity, gluten free chocolate dipped pretzels and another sheet or two of fudge).

Always though, the most important thing we made was memories. Cliche I know, but I can't think of Christmas time without thinking of family and making candy- and I hope my boys are the same way someday.

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