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Christmas Gifts Budget Breakdown: Clothes

Bottom line: spending $80 for 56 pieces breaks down to $1.43 each, for new and like new name brand clothes.

Trace's- nwt Cars shirt and
like new Gap camo pants.
Trace loves Mater!
The boys did pretty well this year for Christmas. We budgeted $200 total for both boys. Part of that's for clothes. They get most their winter and spring wardrobes for Christmas. We're in mid-Missouri; generally it doesn't get terribly cold here til around Christmas. So, the boys get a few warmer outfits and winter coats when it starts into fall and the rest is Christmas. Both boys got clothes in the size they are going into. 5t for Tristian who's 5.5yrs old, finally starting to catch up! 18-24months for Trace who's 29mos old, he's still growing so I can't complain, Tris wasn't anymore by this age.

Tris'- nwot Kitestrings non
button up collared shirt &
nwt Wrangler jeans.
Each child got 12 outfits, one pair of winter boots and one pair of house slippers.
The outfits are; one nice formal outfit for special masses, weddings, christenings, etc... One casual dress outfit, for semi formal occasions. Two sleep sets, one long sleeve one short sleeve. Three nice casual outfits- khaki pants or overalls with non button up collar shirts or turtlenecks- for normal masses, catechism, family get togethers or etc... An activity outfit- sweats for Tris and a romper/bodysuit for Trace- for things needing easy movement like Tae Kwon Do, Jazzersize, library activity days or whatever. The remaining four outfits are everyday jeans or overalls and long sleeve shirts. This is generalized to make it easier to list out. Ex: One of Trace's outfits includes a hat, two of Tristian's have vests. One of Tris' everyday outfits, to the right, has a non button up collar shirt. One of Trace's everyday outfits, above to left, is camo khakis rather then jean material. These wardrobes mix with what the boys already have to give them a couple weeks of outfits.

Tristian's- nwt Champion snow
boots. For -10 degrees fahrenheit.
All were bought thrift. Part was bought with a half off $20 for a $40 promotional gift certificate to a local children's resale store. The rest was from Goodwill or Salvation Army. The boots are new with tags Champion boots good for up to -10 degrees (generally as low as it gets here) $35 retail we got for $4 each at Goodwill (they get a lot items Target closes out). The slippers were also new with tags, Tris' are gray microfiber and Trace's are Disney Cars, lucky finds! The clothes are all name brand (Calvin Kline, Carhardt, Old Navy, Sanoma, City Supply, Osh Kosh, Disney, Wrangler and more). Lots still had retail tags; others I could see by checking the clothing tags hadn't been washed. Clothing tags normally show discoloration, bleeding, puckered edges or other markings after the being washed. This is true on 'tagless' too, the tag info area won't look perfect anymore if it's been washed. The edges of the area or letters won't lay completely flat or the shine on the letters may be uneven. There will normally be some indication that the item has been worn or washed on clothing tags.  If the clothing tag looks new it likely is, even without retail tags.

Trace's like new formal wear,
Peanut Butter Collection.
We spent a total of about $55 on Tristian's wardrobe (averaging $1.96 each) and $25 on Trace's (averaging 89¢ each) Sizes 24months and under at Goodwill are $1 rather then the $2 each for 2t and up. This trend is normal at most thrift stores, making Trace's clothes on average half the price of Tristian's right now. Goodwill also does half off on specific color tagged clothing on certain days (just have to call or go in to find out when). Trying to buy those days really helps lower costs.

We prewash everything and put them on hangers as outfits then place in clothing boxes to wrap. We've actually already done that and wrapped about half the outfits. So I couldn't take a picture of the the boys sleep sets (Toy Story and Dr Seuss for Tris, Cars on both for Trace) or the outfit I like the most for Tristian. It's nwt Calvin Kline vest and pants, with an Old Navy turtleneck, will be an adorable normal mass, catechism or other semi nice events. Having them on hangers already makes it no fuss hang up in the closet Christmas day. Easy post-Christmas morning pickup.
Nwt Carhardt
overalls, so darling!

Total bought: 56 pieces, 28 each, including shoes.

Total Spent: $80

Total Retail: unknown- but based on $10 estimated retail per article for 54 of the items (low for most the brands) plus the known $35 each for the 2 pairs of winter boots, puts us at $610.

Bottom line: spending $80 for 56 pieces breaks down to $1.43 each, for new and like new name brand clothes.

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