Monday, December 10

Easy Adorable DIY Bell Elfs Ornaments

We are big believers in promoting that gift giving should be something thought out and special, not necessarily costly. I really dislike our society's tendency to equate the cost of the gift you give with how important that person is to you. Being on a tight budget ourselves the less cost the better! So, every year we come up with an easy, low cost craft the boys can help with for them to give as presents. I'll post some of the past years crafts later, but here's this year's.

You'll need: scrap fabric, white pipe cleaners, googly eyes, medium size bells, teeny white poms, scissors, glue gun, glue sticks.

I got the scrap fabric from my fabric box but places like Joann's have scrap fabric for cheap. I got the really small white poms and the glue sticks from Ben Franklin (they have small glue guns also for like $5) and everything else from Dollar Tree. The bells are the nine pack ones from the Christmas section.

Cut the fabric to ~3"x4"rectangle. Trim and glue into cones that fit over edge of the bell. Then glue it onto the actual bell (there's a lip in the middle of the bell that makes this easy). Glue a pipe cleaner over the bottom of the 'hat' to create the white hat trim. Glue a pipe cleaner inside hat from top (to allow bending hat into place). Glue a pom on top of the hat. Glue the eyes on front. Glue string on to hang it and you're done.

The first couple times were very trial and error, but it only took a few times to get a feel for what worked best.

The snowflake design on the bottom of the bell even creates the illusion of a mouth. They are adorable and the boys and I are having a blast making them. Each bell takes only a few minutes to make start to finish once you have a groove going.

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