Friday, December 21

Easy Lovely DIY Gift Bags

I nearly forgot to post this, meant to a while back and just forgot to hit post. Whoops. Sorry kinda late, but still a easy way to make gift bags and turn it into a craft for children.

My boys loved helping make these last year. You can make each one different.

Cheap adorable gift bags made from paper sacks. The ones you can get 100 of for a dollar

Fold about an inch if the top if the paper lunch sack in on itself.

Use a hole punch to make holes for the ribbons, punch the holes about an inch in from either side.

Use felt, foam, ribbon, buttons, paint, cotton or whatever to create decoration on front

Use ribbon through the hole punch holes for the handles.

So easy and the possibilities are endless, doesn't have to be Christmas only. Could be for birthday party thank you bags. Could be for valentines. Use to give store bought or homemade candy, cookies, treats, gifts, ornaments... Or whatever!

Ones we made last year for the boys gifts to others.

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