Friday, December 28

Gluten Free Decorated Cookie Option Two

Love the look, my boys LOVED them.
Since these have m n' ms there's a variety of colors available.

Three step decorated gluten free cookies!

This gluten free decorated cookie option can be really easy, depending on how you want to do it. The number of steps is really up to how you decide to do it of course, but I love that this could be a 3 step process.

For these ones I bought premade gluten free cookies (these are chocolate chip). Or you could make some from scratch, or from a box. Whatever works for you.

Then use gluten free icing to top them. If it doesn't say contains wheat, it should be gluten free, but check the ingredients just in case.

I have seen some cookies that specifically said they were wheat free, but not gluten free. I need to look this up and see if they are just confused because corn and things like that do have their own gluten. It's possible they just didn't understand that the term 'gluten free' generally is only talking about wheat gluten, because the other kinds usually don't bother anyone unless they are allergic to those grains as well. If they weren't confused about that I need to figure out how something can be wheat free and contain wheat gluten at the same time.


This next step is another easy or as hard as you decide. There are some pretty gluten free candies out there. You could easily pick up some of those and use them as toppers.

3 step decorated cookies:
One open store bought cookies
Two top with icing
Three top icing with store bought candy 

Or you can make your own candy toppers.

To make the gluten free candy pictured here, that is pressed into the top of the cookies pictured above- we got Wylde circle gluten free pretzels, gluten free chocolate chips, and normal m n' ms. When I made these the normal m n' ms didn't say gluten free, but didn't have a contains gluten warning- nor had anything I recognized as gluten or a cross contamination issue. Always check please, companies change how they make things.

I put the pretzels on some baking safe wax paper, put on a pan and put chips in each circle. Put them in the oven on 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. Took them out and pressed the m n' ms into the centers on top the chocolate.

Very easy and they made lovely cookie toppers.

However you make your gluten free cookies,
I hope they are delicious!

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