Thursday, December 13

Gluten Free Decorated Cookie Option One

Last year a lot of what the boys got for Christmas was Dr. Seuss related.

Throughout the year we found a lot of the Dr. Seuss dolls, that were so popular the previous holiday season, in the dollar stuffed animal bin at Good Will. Found Dr Seuss books in good shape at Good Will and Salvation Army. Even found 4 Dr. Seuss shirts in each child's size thrift. Got some Wubulous World of the Cat in the Hat dvds from and etc.

We wanted to do a treat that was Dr. Seuss related also, but I couldn't find anything gluten free that was not seriously expensive.

I use to work with a very, very good cake decorator- Jonathan Armistead. My husband still works with him.  So I went and asked Jonathan if there was anything he could do gluten free. I understood the possibility of cross contamination was there- but I trusted Jonathan would minimize it as best he could. So I was ok with a final product that could not be technically called 'gluten free'. Still, all the gluten in the air of a bakery was a concern with making the cookies there. So the option we came up with was I went and bought some large gluten free cookies off the the health market shelf to give to him. Jonathan then made up a gluten free icing that he used to decorate the gluten free cookies, and charged us for the decorating.

They were FANTASTIC. A huge hit with the boys. Just fabulous.

We wrapped up most of the plushies with their corresponding shirts &/or books &/or dvds for the boys- we had fox in socks, cat in the hat, blue fish, horton, and posed the sneed plushy next to the cookies on the fireplace.

So if you are looking for something like this in an allergy free alternative- this is always a possibility you could look into at local bakery. Just please remember that you do this at your own risk. Things made or decorated in a conventional bakery setting are always at risk for cross-contamination.

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