Friday, December 21

Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Glitter Gingerbread

On our tree now, these are two years old!
Two years ago we made Glitter Gingerbread Ornaments. Here's the recipe I used- copy and pasted from my notes two years ago, you can kind of  work with it depending on what you have and want to do.
"It's basically 1 part liquid to 1 part powder. 7oz applesauce 1oz non toxic glue and then the powder can be any mix of ground spices and flour. I did about half and half cinnamon and pumpkin spice- then the remaining 4oz flour.
For non bake I was told you can either then mix and chill overnight in the frig and then roll the dough out and cut it up with a normal cookie cutter and let set out until it dries (takes a few days). for baking don't chill immediatly, put in silicon molds (Christmas ones- gingerbread men, trees & stockings and hearts and stars) and bake at 275-300 degrees for 3 hours and let cool overnight. either way you want the mixture to be about normal cookie thickness. Don't forget to make holes in them before baking or letting set out to dry =)"

I bought several of those big dollar store world spice ground cinnamon bottles to make these; because like this year, the ornaments we made two years ago were also what the boys gave as gifts.

For the set we kept, pictured above, the morning after they cooled I sprayed them with gold glitter spray let dry. Once dried I tied ribbon through the holes and we hung them on the tree.

A set the boys gave as a gift.
For the ones they gave away we made them the same way as those we kept, except the boys used finger paint to paint each ornament a color of their choice. This worked especially well as Trace was only about 5 months old when we made these, so it was something he could help with- I remember he got such a kick out of it too! Tristian was about 3 and half, so this was a great age appropriate thing for him to do. After the paint dried I would spray them with glitter spray. When it was all dry and finished Tristian got to pick what organza bag each set went in and who it would be given to.

I still love these ornaments, they have held up really well and still love lovely on the tree.

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