Wednesday, December 19

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments: Crystal Snowflakes

It has become a family tradition of ours to create a new set of homemade ornaments each year. It's a lot of fun for all of us, and I try to find things that the kids can help with.

This year was the Elf Bells from an earlier post.

Last year was Crystal Snowflake Ornaments. Made from a pencil, pipe cleaners, string, borax, a cup and hot water.

Tristian was four last year so he got to help bend the pipe cleaners into snowflake shapes and tie strings to them.

You then saturate with borax some very hot water in a cup (I think we used a mason jar) and tie the pipe cleaner snowflake string to the pencil, setting the snowflake suspended in water, not touching any edges. This is an adult job, so is taking the snowflake out and handling it thereafter. Borax may be natural, but it's not something I want to handle directly or want my kids touching.

For keeping after Christmas I was careful to wrap and unwrap the snowflakes carefully to avoid directly touching it. May seem silly, but we have enough medical complications without tempting fate.

Our tree a previous year. Found out this summer
I'm allergic to corn! No more popcorn stringing :(

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