Tuesday, December 25

Christmas Morning Pictures and Videos!

Hoping Everyone's Morning Was Wonderful!

Here's videos of this morning. Also some pictures from frozen frames of video.

Amanda helping Trace open his first Santa present! Tristian had his all on his own!

Our morning was very gift filled =) The boys were very excited!

Mom giving Trace a Caillou figure from his stocking :-)

Trace was very happy to have some Caillou toys, finally!

Daddy is the pro unwrapper, so he got all the hard ones!

Tristian was excited that he got his remote control helicopter!

The boys were dressed in some lovely new Thomas the Train and Spiderman sleep sets from Aunt Devin and Uncle Caleb. They spent yesterday playing with rock along Elmo drums and guitar and the remote control real Steam Engine Thomas from Mimi, Papa, Uncle Mark and Tracey. They went to sleep last night after bath time with new Toy Story and Disney Cars bath sets, reading new toy story and cars stories for bed time, and then snuggling up with new Toy Story and Cars blankets- from Grandma, Grandpa, Trent, Aunt Mel and Uncle Travis. They have been toting around their newest toys and books in some wonderful Thomas the Train and Spiderman bags from Nana Debbie, Papa Ron, Aunt Chrystal, Uncle Kelly, and the rest of the Vaughn family! 

We are so very blessed and thankful for our wonderful family and friends!

The morning was not quite as happily as it could have been, because we are all running fevers. I've been sick a few days. Trace started sunday. Tris and Dad both don't feel well this morning. So that wasn't so great, seems just to be a bad sinus cold- I thought it was just allergies for me and Trace- but Trev and Tris don't have allergies, so must be something more. 

It was still a very nice Christmas, nonetheless. We were so blessed to be together as a family, safe and warm, semi-healthy and to have many wonderful gifts to share on this very special holiday.


  1. While we were all not feeling so well, it still was the best Christmas ever (according to Tristian).

  2. This was so cute! Thanks for sharing! :)


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