Friday, December 14

House burgulared, cars vandalized, child hit with rock, and more

Amanda's widow where the pool table ball hit it.
It spreads across the whole windsheild, But it's
hard to get the camera to focus on it if I try to
 take a picture of the whole thing.
In the past three months our house has been broken into, Amanda's car has had a pool table ball thrown at it shattering the windshield, the boy next door through a rock that hit my 2 year old in the head (witnessed by his stepmother)- and when we approached his father asking him to talk to the boy about throwing rocks- we found out he's the type of father that will never believe his child has done anything wrong. Even though the same boy set the trees across the street on fire, a fact because of witnesses. Also the pool table ball that hit Amanda's car was out of a set that sat outside the boy's house next door.

Today I woke up and there were no dogs in the back yard. The gate to the back yard is latched in the front and on top we set a metal bar in between the slats of wood to keep the dogs from somehow pushing it open (they never have, we are just paranoid). The metal bar was set to the side (not fallen on the ground, but moved and set against the planks to the side of the gate) and the gate was unlatched. My husband fed the dogs around 7am, through the back door as normal. The gate was still latched and the bar against it (can be seen straight ahead from  the driveway) when he left this morning. UPDATE: Brockley and Bazil are home!!!

It's so frustrating. We have lived here in peace since August of 2008. We keep to ourselves, take care of our boys and pets and have never had a problem- seriously, not a single problem- until this summer. We aren't involved in anything shady or illegal (apparently one of the most common reasons for this type of activity targeting people). We don't take illegal drugs, heck- I don't even like to be put on the legally prescribed steriods when I get sick (thoracic degenerative disc desease symptoms started at 19 years old, and really bad enviromental plus food allergies coupled with hard to control severe asthma).

We've spent the last five years just trying to get our children healthy. It's a long story but Tristian and Trace both have what seems to be a genetic medical condition- possibly metatbolic, that has caused a lot of health issues. They don't create much growth hormone, Tris tested for cycstic fibrosis and Trace for maple syrup urine disease on metabolic screenings- but further tests show they don't have either (praise God). However we've been dealing with things like kidneys not functioning right, hair loss, collapsed lungs, insane food allergies and not creating growth hormone. The food they are allergic to they actually create less serum then normal for (so tests look like they are really really not allergic to those foods, even though we can demostrate they are).

It's complicated, and frustrating, and scary and nerve racking. In the last year we had finally been getting some things figured out. Tris is on growth hormone and growing. Trace isn't loosing his hair anymore (not really growing height wise though). Things finally started to look up.

Then this starts happening. The wedding rings I was engaged and married in were stolen, the rings bought after I had Tris (had pre-eclampsia, weight gain and swelling made previous rings too tight). The carhardt coat Tris got his daddy for christmas last year was stolen.

The first deputy with the case wouldn't do anything, was so certain it was us (even though we never thought to claim the items on our house insurance so couldn't possibly gain anything from it) or someone we knew she refused to even look into the case (even though we were out of town, have no prior involvement in any investigation of any kind, don't do drugs, don't associate with those that do drugs to our knowledge. Quite honestly we don't have much time or gumption left after work, taking care of house and pets and trying to keep our children healthy. There's not much left over money, effort or time wise to do anything else. But I had to go to the Sherrif and his assistant chief deputy to get a detective put on the case- more then a month after the occurance. I am thankful someone will look into it, but I'm realistic that at this late date we are SOL.

I talked to my mom this morning. They live about 3 miles from us. They have a basement with a bathroom, den, bedroom and the laundry room for the house. We are going to move there in January- get the house finished and on the market and God willing sell it and start renting somewhere else.

I am so upset. Why is someone doing this to us? We have done nothing to anyone.  We keep to ourselves. Always lend whatever when asked by a neighbor (have never ever said no to any request if I had the item to lend, even if I was planning on using it).

Partly I feel that God may be telling us we need to move on, start renting- maybe Trevor's next promotion is taking us out of this area. But even so- why are people so awful sometimes?

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