Monday, December 17

Lovely DIY Wood Blocks Decoration

Both our boys and myself have medical conditions that cause some pretty hefty bills- it was actually our oldest getting so ill at about 6 months old that started me on our greener living journey. Just trying to find anything to help him. We have found some natural help over the years, but still a lot of medication is needed. Let me tell you, gluten free food and growth hormone is NOT cheap! So needless to say, our gift budget is rather slim ;-)

Regardless of the budget constraints, we feel it's important to teach the boys that gift giving should be special and thought out. Each year we come up with something they can help make as their gifts to friends and family members. This was last year's gift.

These are made from 2x2s, paint (normal or spray paint will work), stencils (if you can't find stencils you like cheap it's easy to make some from cutting out cardstock), mod podge & a saw.

Tristian was four when we made these and really enjoyed helping with them. I made up a list of about 6 or 7 three & four letter words and he really liked getting to choose who got what word and in what colors. Trace was about 16months old when we made these so didn't really get the helping concept- but man did he love playing with the finished blocks!

The wagon and blocks we made for Trace that year.
These are pretty easy to make if you have access to a table saw. We borrowed my father's saw and garage. He thought we were making blocks for one of Trace's Christmas presents- a wooden wagon and blocks. He must have thought we were making a HUGE wagon for all those blocks! We bought the 2x2s from Home Depot (they were just a few bucks and one makes a lot of blocks) and cut them into squares. 2x2s aren't really 2inches by 2inches, more like 1.5inches by 1.5inches- so measure to figure out the right length to cut to get a square. Don't worry if they aren't perfect either, everyone will love them anyways :)

Once we had the blocks we painted each set one color, and the letters another. You can do a normal stencil letter look, or do something like shown above by placing cut out letters on the middle of the blocks hold them down with the tip of your finger and paint over them. Remove the letter and you have a perfect outline. For the picture block just glue a picture to one of the blocks.

Mod podge everything to seal it and you're done!

This makes a fabulous gift or just a lovely decoration for your own home :-)

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