Friday, December 14

Meramec Vineyards Harvest Moon Wine Review

I'll tell you my husband's opinion first- and I quote, "It tastes like they dropped some dang red hots in the barrel!"

That was Trevor's statement before heading out for one more drive around the area, hoping to see our missing pups.

However, if there has ever been a day to drink, perhaps this would be it. Luckily my husband and I both have a natural resistance against the pitfall of alcoholism- neither of us enjoy being drunk. Ironically my husband and I both do like wine. Fortunately for our budget we can get sale wine, closeout wine and wine that was brought in to think about selling very cheaply from the store where Trevor works, if we are patient and buy when they go on clearance or deep sale.

We have been told we have the Italian mentality when it comes to wine. We have a glass with or after dinner a few days a week and we don't really care the kind.

We do like trying new ones :-)

This one is a local Missouri wine. From St. James, Missouri. It's 'white wine with natural flavors added'.

I must admit it does smell, as Trevor said, like red hots. I haven't even taken a drink yet, I am a little worried I'm going to give a bad review to this Missouri wine. So I'll qualify right now with saying St James does have some wonderful wines. Perhaps they just missed the boat on this one?

Here goes...

Oh my. Ok, it does indeed taste just like red hots. It doesn't taste bad. There is no bad aftertaste. Nothing bitter or overly sour or anything else. For someone that likes red hots, or with certain meals, I think this would be a good wine. It is certainly out of the ordinary, and not poorly done.

I feel better, I didn't have to give a semi local wine a bad review after all.

If you can get this for a decent price it is definitely worth trying. In fact, the second sip (I just took) is better then the first. It has a slightly sweet taste to offset the red hot taste.

The wine almost tastes cheerful. Which is quite something, considering today was not a cheerful day for me.

Calyn's final words, "Don't let the first red hot soaked whiff of this turn you off. If you take a couple sips you might get a cheerful surprise."

Trevor's final words, "Sweet with a cinnamony bite. It has no alcohol burn to it."

We both agreed that this was a nice wine choice for tonight.

Now if only Bazil and Brockley come home.

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