Sunday, December 23

Pictures of the Boys Opening Gifts Saturday

Just a few pics of them opening gifts at Trevor's parent's

I don't have any pictures of gift unwrapping from today at my parents. 

For some reason I was the one told to hand out gifts, even though I was there on my own with two small boys because the day got moved at the last minute so everyone but my husband could come. 

So there was no one to help Trace open presents. I had to ask twice for someone to help him, he was walking around confused wanting to help others unwrap their's and being told no it's not yours. My mom finally started to help him after the second time I asked for someone to help him or hand out gifts so I could. 

There were 6 adults there without children but not one offered to help hand out gifts or to help my two year old open his. 

By the time I got the last gift given both my boys were done unwrapping theirs. I didn't get to see them unwrap, get to help or get to take pictures. Since my husband was working neither did he and I have no pictures to show him of it.

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