Friday, December 14

Pictures of Brockley and Bazil and update on trying to find them.


This is a small follow up to this post-
Trevor is checking the pound right now for Brockley and Bazil.

This is Brockley as a puppy. Seven years ago in April. He was the first pet Trevor and I got as a couple. In a way he was our first baby.

The puppy here was Bazil last January when we got him.
A friend's son brought home his mom as a stray. A month or so late she had 11 puppies!Bazil was 8 weeks old in the picture. That's B.J. he's next to. B.J. is a rehabilitated feral cat we found very very badly hurt and helped heal. B.J. is today very loved and happily mousing at Trevor's aunt's house and corn fields. We believe Bazil is half Rotweiler and half Black Lab. He is the sweetest dog ever.

The boys playing with Brockley and Bazil this summer.

Trevor just came home, he's on lunch break. They aren't at the pound, he did fill out a lost and found form in case they are found. 

Trevor has some very recent pictures on his phone. I will post them when he gets home for the evening.

It's not my puppies back, but it was a tiny little bit of positive in what's been an dreadful day so far.

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