Saturday, December 29

Sick Update

Trevor took the kids in this morning while I was still curled up in a ball trying not to throw up again. My husband is the best ever btw.

Our family doctor office has a doctor there saturday morning for walk in only.

What Trace has is defenitly bacterial sinus and chest infection. So he's on antibiotics now.

Dh said she wasn't sure if Tris had the same thing or just a bug because she couldn't hear congestion. However Tris and I both have messed up lungs, and the only time doctors ever hear congestion is when we aren't having trouble with them (my peak flows will be in the 400s and docd will be saying my lucgs dont sound good, 200s and their saying, your lungs dont have any congestion.... Blah) So I'm inclined to think he probably does, he's been coughing like crazy. Either way he has antibiotics too. If that doesnt help I'll call his pulminologist because I really don't like this cough.

Whatever I have is not what the boys have. My tummy still hates me but my lungs feel fine (u know, besides the stomach acid trying to cause an asthma attack).

Thank God Trevor doesn't get sick. His sick is- "I dont feel very good" for like a day or two and then he's fine. God knew what he was doing when he put us together.

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