Saturday, December 29


Woke up at 2am puking with 102something fever.... Then heard Trace whining(nursing cosleeping 29month old) who feels hotter then me, but the thermometer is putting him at 101something- hes got tiny ears and its a ear one so idk. Got some medicine in both of us, then Tristian came in shaking, he was at 102something too. Got some medicine in him. Threw up again. Thank God neither child seems to be throwing up. I could not handle it. The kids are cooler, I think I threw up most the medicine I took and hate the thought of putting anything else in my tummy.

Trevor is off tomorrow(erm, today) so is helping, but he was up at 3am going into work yesterday so he could be off for a friend's funeral & helped get the boys to sleep late last night (they are always hard to get to sleep and up late if they are sick, totally counter productive)- so he needs to sleep more.
I thought we already had the flu last month. But this is achy, skin burning, etc that feels like the flu again. I guess their are more then one strain of it.

Argh- I cannot be sick this weekend, we are starting to move and are tearing up the bathroom floor, replacing floorboards and putting down new tile.

This is not good.

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