Friday, December 28

So Different Yet So Alike!

We are sick! Argh. Everyone is coughing and feeling kinda crummy.

We started taking down Christmas decorations and Trace had a blast taking the clings off the door. I noticed something very similar about the scene, so started snapping pics. Isn't this so cool?

Trace is defenitly older then Tristian was, and the jacket is different but the stance is so similar and it's even the same airplane diaper! I'm thinking Tristian's might have been taken the spring before he turned two, and this is the early winter after Trace turned two, so about half a year between their ages in the pictures maybe. I really don't know for sure.

It's so like them. My boys are night and day on personality, so different and unique. But at the oddest moments one does something that is sooo like the other.

Just had to share!

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