Friday, December 21

Three Days, Three Sets of Grandparents!

Real quick- it's 12/21/12- the world is still here, no aliens have came, and no major signs of the end of an era centering on this day..... yet. ;-) Phew. 

Although watching Ancient Aliens leading up to this day has been pretty fun. I'm a history buff, so it's very interesting to watch things like that. Whether I agree with them or not, it's cool to see an alternative interpretation. Really that's all ancient history is- societies most commonly accepted interpretation of what we can find out about it. At the moment I'm a little addicted to that show and to Dark Matters: Twisted but True. 

I really need to start watching more positive stuff when I do watch TV (which is some weeks non and others too much). Or at least more neutral things, like history or science specials without such a negative twist. 

Ok- back on topic, for the next three days (22nd, 23rd, 24th) we have three different family get togethers. Trevor's parents tomorrow, mine the next day, and Amanda's Christmas eve. Fun times!

I wrote up a budget breakdown of Christmas gifts for the boys that I devided into three posts- Clothes, Trisitan, and Trace. Trust me, it was originally one long post, reallyseriously long post. Much less confusing as three. Although they are still a bit long, lol. We budgeted $200 total the boys gifts. That includes 12 name brand winter outfits and two pairs of shoes each- plus lots of toys and books. We spent a total of $205.00 on at least $1026.00 of retail worth. I rock thrift, sale and coupon stacking shopping ;-)

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  1. It's officially 20 minutes into the 22nd according to the same time zone the Mayans were in. again- phew ;-)


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