Tuesday, December 31

Random 2013 Slideshow

I thought this was super cute way to remember the year on New Years Eve. Google put together a 2013 slide show of random pictures from the ones it's automatically backed up during the year. It hits several key moments. Both boys birthdays. Tris getting the gift basket for winning the photo contest. Our vacation. Trevor's promotion when the kids made him a card. Trace's testing (and when he fell of the slide onto concrete and had a massive bump) and more.

Monday, December 30

Tristian With His Godfather

Tristian was very excited to get to see he Godfather, Steven who lives in Florida, last week! I was pretty excited too ;-)

It was a wonderful visit and Steven also gave us a really cool Christmas gift. A real Sea Sponge. It's a very large one and is going to be so neat to have during our ocean life unit later this year.

Tristian is already planning his next letter to Steven =)

Thursday, December 26

Pics of the Boys Playing in Snow

I am worn out from yesterday so today is pics of the boys playing in the snow a week or so ago =)

Wednesday, December 25

Christmas Morning Videos =)

A panoramic of our living room after Santa left (my camera hates our tree lights). Videos of my guys opening their presents below.

Tuesday, December 24

Elf on the Shelf in a Chocolate House

It's Christmas Eve. According to Norad Santa is already in the sky and this is Happy's last day with us until the next holiday season. He certainly saved his best (or at least biggest) treat for last. A whole house made out of chocolate for the boys in lieu of a gingerbread house.

Sunday, December 22

Elf on the Shelf Fishing

Happy got a little confused about what fishing is the other day- he though he could fish in the bath tub! It looks like he made a fishing pole out of a ornament hook, stick, some duct tape and yarn.

The boys were pretty excited to see that Happy still had his new pet with him. Maybe we should think of a name for him/her...

Saturday, December 21

Elf on the Shelf does Homework

Happy decided to help Tris out with some schoolwork. The elf mail warned Tristian he better double check those answers though ;-)
The cards Happy uses to create his elf size letters by folding and adding a label and North Pole postage are found at another blog by CLICKING HERE.

Friday, December 20

Santa Visit and Crafting Pictures

We went to Bass Pro to visit Santa and do a craft Tuesday. They boys also each got a backpack clip; Trace picked out a snowman and Tristian a Christmas tree. Then they made mini reindeer gift bags and played some of the games set up around Santa's Village there. Pics below.

Thursday, December 19

Tris and Trace Christmas Gifts List

I made a Pinterest board of all the gifts Trace and Tristian are getting from each other, Trev and I and Santa this year. Including this homemade puppet theater.

CLICK HERE to see it.

The puppet theater was made from scrape wood, an old fireplace frame, spray paint, scrap fabric, dollar tree ribbon, black contact paper and stencils. Has storage in back and a lip for chalk.

Wednesday, December 18

Elf on the Shelf Sleeping in the Frig

Happy thought the frig was a better temperature then the rest of house and ended up napping there all day.
Trace thought it was funny Happy was stuck behind the plastic of the butter dish.

Tuesday, December 17

Family Present Wrapping Done!

The boys were big helps in helping us wrap our presents for everyone this year. They LOVED getting to stamp the wrapping paper. I am so glad we decided to do that- they really enjoyed it and getting to be such a big part of gift wrapping (and letting them stamp is MUCH easier then trying to let them wrap lol).

They also were big helps wrapping their gifts to each other, Mom and Dad. Trace is giving Tris an Angry Birds Knit hat and Tris is giving Trace a Spiderman Crochet hat. Pics below-

Monday, December 16

Elf on the Shelf Size Table Craft

The craft directions are on the official site- CLICK HERE. I printed out the direction and bought Christmas colored craft sticks at the dollar tree, both normal size and jumbo size to create the kit. This craft cost Tris $1 from his School Bank Account (for more on bank account- CLICK HERE). 

More about how we did the craft and picture below.

Sunday, December 15

Elf on the Shelf on a Light

Today's Elf Mail said that while the boys are out like a light Happy does mischief every night ;-)
The cards Happy creates his elf size letters from (by folding, placing an address label with boy's name and address, then stamping with miniature North Pole postage) are found at another blog by CLICKING HERE.

Saturday, December 14

Elf on the Shelf Makes a Dog

Thursday the boys made lovely Elf Size Tables (more in Monday's post). Happy used the tables to showcase a dog made of marsh mellows, candy canes and a kiss.

Friday, December 13

DIY Angry Birds and Spiderman Tumblers

Maybe Trace was channeling Spider-man?
We've used these Dollar Tree kids tumblers before as a rainy day activity with just blank sheets and stickers. This time I asked the boys what type of cups they wanted and the answers (not surprisingly) were Angry Birds Space and Spider-man. So I looked up some free coloring pages and used a free word generator for their names and made some tumbler coloring sheets.

Thursday, December 12

Elf on the Shelf Took a Bath

Happy's elf mail clue to the boys said he had gotten awful dirty from all the mischief he'd been up to and needed a bath. They found him still hanging out in their bathroom.

The cards Happy uses to create his elf size letters are found at another blog by CLICKING HERE.

Wednesday, December 11

Tristian's Catechism Advent Wreath

Tristian made a lovely Advent Wreath at Catechism Sunday.

His teachers have some of the greatest crafts (they've made Rosaries too). It looks like they used mesh ribbon, pipe cleaners and beads.

We are putting it on the top book shelf in their room.

Tuesday, December 10

Elf on the Shelf Ok After Being Touched

Since happy was gone from being touched- yesterday the boys wrote "I'm Sorry and Feel Better" cards. They did the trick- he was back today with a message written in cereal.

Monday, December 9

Knit Green Diagonal Scarf (wavy striped) for Tristian

Tristian asked for a green diagonal scarf this year... I got lucky enough to trip over a pattern for a zig zag/wavy striped scarf my cousin pinned on Pinterest (CLICK HERE for the free pattern link on Craftsy).

It was a very easy pattern, and only took me a few days to finish for him. I'm going to use the same pattern to make Trace's scarf- he wants a blue scarf. More info and pictures of Tristian's Green Diagonal Scarf below-

Sunday, December 8

Elf on the Shelf Stuck in a Stocking

Happy was stuck in a stocking...

Happy also got touched =( Trace moved him from one stocking to another. That means Happy will have to stay at the North Pole a night or two and the boys are going to be writing apologies to put in the mail box.

Hopefully Happy's peppermint levels get back to normal real soon.

Friday, December 6

Pumpkin Rolling

All good things must come to an end but sometimes the end can be good too ;-) Trevor let the boys roll the giant pumpkin that's been sitting on our front porch for the last month or so down the hill and play for a bit. They didn't know you could do that with a pumpkin and had a blast =)

Thursday, December 5

Elf on the Shelf Stuck in a Tree

Happy was up to no good and ended up stuck in our Christmas tree all day. The elf letter said that he had been sneaking a peek at the presents and got tangle din some lights, whoops!

The cards Happy uses for his elf letters are found at another blog by CLICKING HERE.

Wednesday, December 4

Elf on the Shelf Caught in the Mail Box

Happy printed out some cards on colored construction paper. He cut them out, leaving a lip to fold over the card to create an outer envelope. He added a little address label with the boy's names and address; then, got the cards officially stamped at the North Pole. The boys will be finding a different elf size letter each day in their mailbox. Some are hints as to where he is. Others are just cute, encouraging or otherwise related to the holiday spirit. The cards Happy printed are found at another blog by CLICKING HERE. We bought this mailbox at the Dollar Tree but have also seen them at Big Lots.

Monday, December 2

Elf on the Shelf Countdown Chain

Sunday was the first day of December and our Scout Elf made the boys a countdown chain to help countdown to the big day. The elf letter (in the mailbox addressed with North Pole postage) told the boys to pull off one ring a day until Christmas.

The cards Happy uses for his elf letters are found at another blog by CLICKING HERE.

Sunday, December 1

Home Stamped Gift Wrap

We have about 30 people to buy gifts for this holiday season, then another half dozen December/January birthdays also. So we have been doing a LOT of wrapping =) Just wanted to share some of the presents we have wrapped with the Kraft Wrapping Paper and then used stamps on.

Saturday, November 30

Elf on the Shelf Kiss Hunt

Today the boys had to find their elf (Happy, named by Trace) for the first time. He wasn't too hard to find- having simply replaced the box he came in with a kissing booth in the same spot. However, he left candy cane kisses all over the house for the boys to find with little rhyming cards.

They found kisses in a cabinet in their bathroom. Hanging from the tree inside an organza bag. In the frig. On the air purifier in their room and more. They also found some kisses in a mailbox on the bakers rack by the frig, along with a miniature size letter. Inside the letter a cute elf and rhyme encouraged the boys to write letters to Santa. The Kiss Booth and Kiss Hunt printables can be found by CLICKING HERE. Pictures of the boys kiss hunting below-

Friday, November 29

Look What's Waiting For The Boys

It's the day after Thanksgiving and look what came from Santa's workshop. Complete with Northpole stamped postage and stamps from around the world. Hopefully our scout elf doesn't get frost bite waiting for our two little boys to wake up!

Wednesday, November 27

Our Elf on the Shelf

This is our Elf on the Shelf who will be arriving at our house the day after Thanksgiving. We paid for his adoption through Amazon this summer while it was only about $17 (only... I know) instead of the normal $30 or whatever it normally is. Our elf has tan skin, brown eyes, wears the signature Elf on the Shelf red outfit and hat but makes it his own with the addition of a black cropped vest with a tie in the front. I know he's really looking forward to meeting his family and getting a name on Friday =)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 26

The Boy's Ornament Gifts 2013

We started making the boys ornament gifts for this year. We are taking solid colored ornament balls and putting holiday theme dollar store foam stickers on them. Putting glue on the foam and then rolling them in glitter. Pretty easy and the boys are having a blast. Trace loves glitter and stickers and Tris loves patterns, so we have a hit =)

Pictures of the boys crafting below.

Monday, November 25

Tristian's Page 2013-2014

Tristian's Journal Page 2013-2014 is finally here!

You can still visit last years journal page by clicking last years button:

Visit Tristian's 2012-2013 Page!

Tristian has symptoms of Verbal Learning Disability. For him, this means he has trouble taking words from his head and writing them on paper- even if he knows how to spell each word, unless he can see the words written somewhere while he writes. He's worked hard, though, and now can write his name and some other words without seeing them. For some reason the symptoms do not translate to typing. So, this is his typing journal.

Saturday, November 23

Homemade Advent Calendar

Really love how this turned out!

This is a home finished Karen Foster 3D Countdown Calendar drawer set. The wood piece was scrap from a shelving project we did a few years ago. Added paint, stickers, etc as desired and we ended up with a lovely, reusable Advent Calendar. We have a small fiber optics tree that lost it's stand (so no more lights) I made a new base for and we are going to put mini ornaments in the boxes for it. Hopefully the boys have fun with this =)

Friday, November 22

I Wish I Could Sleep Like That

Trace decided it was nap time while Tris and I were working on math. Built himself a nest of couch pillows on the floor and passed out. Love this little boy's random sleep schemes.

Thursday, November 21

Wallverbs Photo Set

We found this set for a third the normal price. Trev and I both loved the look, so we grabbed it. We added a couple dollar tree family wall decals and our pictures and still love it =)

Monday, November 18

Build and Grow Fire Truck

Some pictures from Build and Grow in September
I meant to post then and forgot =p

Friday, November 15

Holiday (Post)Cards

This year we are sending out postcards, instead of cards in envelopes. And, we WILL send them out! We are horrible about forgetting to mail them. Front and back of the postcards I created on Vistaprint (and an adorable coffee mug) below.

Thursday, November 14

National Family History Day

Is not today, it's actually Thanksgiving day.... Thanksgiving was made National Family History Day in 2004 by the U.S. Surgeon General to encourage awareness and discussion of health concerns that run in families, figuring what better time to do so then when lots of family is together.

So  while you are celebrating the holidays this year consider delving farther into your family trees then just who has who's eyes ;-)

Hope you have a great National Family History Day this month!

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