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$15 Homeschool Storage Solution Update: Part 3

This is Part 3, you can see Part 1 by clicking here and Part 2 by clicking here. This is the third post about how we set up our homeschooling storage after moving into a temporary home while selling our house. We were short on time so we didn't do it entirely out of freebies but if you have the time you could easily get cardboard boxes free (find out how by clicking here) and use leftover paint or scrap cloth to cover them and create free storage solutions. We ended up using $1 containers and some storage solutions we already had to update our storage to create a usable updated solution for home school storage.

This post breaks down how things are organized in the cubby crates.

On top of the storage bins- The all in one printer, scanner, copier is well up out of reach from curious fingers on top. Behind it are the Me Dolls from our All About Me unit you can see how we made by clicking here. Next to the printer is an eating utensil drying rack that we are using to hold markers, crayons and colored pencils. Behind that is a keepsake box I use to hold greeting cards. Next to the utensil rack are some window markers, chalk, water colors and measuring tape. Next to that is copy paper (which will move to the copy paper cubby once it isn't full and the brown bin will turn sideways in a less pecarious position). Behind the copy paper is the container of buttons and other manipulatives and on top of that container is the organza bag with the shells we collected from Finger Lakes Swimming Beach. The brown bin holds future project materials. Right now some purple egg cartons for an Easter crafts and a valentines candy card kit (we will be making for the children the boy's know).

Next row of cubbies. On the left are record keeping binders, the teachers planner I track our lessons in, and some larger children's reference books (Children's Atlas, How Things Work, My First Science Encyclopedia, etc). The cubby next to that stores copy paper and the jar in the upper corner of that has spare pens, highlighters and pencils. The right side cubby has curriculum books. A binder with loose worksheets (printed off from the internet, torn out of workbooks almost completed, even some from coloring books that I knew would fit in with future units).

Middle row of cubbies- the storage box has stickers in it, on top is construction paper and to the side is cardstock, primary lined paper, loose leaf wide ruled paper, and some precreased cardstock for making cards out of. The blue bucket in the middle cubby holds foam sheets, scrap construction papers and tissue paper for crafts. Sitting next to the bucket is a pad of scrapbooking paper with fun designs for crafts. The last middle row cubby is holds six smaller containers. One holds foam letters and numbers. One holds foam shapes, One holds craft sticks, one holds ribbons, one holds felt scraps and felt stickers and one is empty atm.

Bottom row- You can't really see into the red bucket (probably because we are close to valentines so it holds a lot of red stuff) but it has uncompleted projects. Right now that's valentine cards for the adults in the boy's lives and an alphabet book made with pictures cut out of magazines. Next to the red bucket is a blue crayola case that now holds things like school glue, glue sticks, white out, sissors, glitter glue, stapler, staples, etc... The yellow bucket in the middle bottom cubby holds worksheets that have a side still needing finished, folders from past units he might want to look at again, folders from extended units we are still using, books we have made and models from previous units he may want to look at again. In the last bottom cubby is a waste basket =)

We bought the three tubs, six smaller containers, and utensil rack from Dollar Tree. Adding in the four square bins on the toy box shelves we bought at the same time and you have 14 one dollar items that was right about $15 after tax. $15 to update our storage solution in a way that can work well for us while we are here... and probably transfer directly over to our next home =)

One last thing....

Did you know that if you invert a picture with lots of colors like this it creates a semi realistic picture of the same thing looking like it's glowing? I didn't =) Kinda cool.

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