Friday, January 25

$15 Homeschool Storage Solution Update: Part 1

This is Part 1, you can view part 2 by clicking here and part 3 by clicking here.

I was going to make this one post, but when I got done with the post is was extremely loooong. So I thought it would probably be a good idea to break it up. I know I tend to write long posts sometimes that I don't break up, but trust me- this one was too long! So Part 2 will post tomorrow and Part 3 the next day.

Homeschooling is challenging enough at times without being unorganized. Trying to homeschool the last few weeks has been less then pleasant while most our stuff was still at our house. Yesterday I made sure it all got over here and figured out how to organize it. At our house we had a classroom with a built in desk for me, and built in shelves on the wall above the desk and crates under the back of the desk to work as cubbies. Lots of storage space! Over here we had to come up with something easy to move that would still let me store and organize everything we need for school. A little daunting at first. The picture above is our solution.

The crates are the same ones from the toy bin project that we use to store toys in the front room. The crates were all free from my husband's store, they were going to toss all but a few of them when they changed display types, so he got permission to take them home instead. We made the toy storage bins entirely from freebies and leftovers from other projects, didn't spend anything more then time and elbow grease on it =) I probably could have done the home school storage for free as well using cardboard boxes some glue &/or tape and cloth to make them pretty (find out how to get free boxes by clicking here). However, the time cost on it would have been to high, time is something we do not have enough of at the moment. So instead we headed over to Dollar Tree and found some storage containers. Ended up spending just about $15 on them.

The next two parts breakdown how we are storing items so that we are reasonably organized and I don't go insane trying to homeschool Tris ;-)

Part 2 is posting tomorrow morning and Part 3 the next morning.


  1. I'm dying to get my hands on some crates to paint and use for storage. :) That looks great!

    1. Thank you!

      We were so lucky to get these. After we sell our house and move my fingers are itching to make four of these and some plywood into a train table for the boys. Got the idea from seeing a coffee table made out of crates with bins like the above for storage under it, awesome idea.

      I hope you find some soon, they are just a fantastic storage solution!

  2. The crates are an excellent idea!


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