Saturday, January 26

$15 Homeschool Storage Solution Update: Part 2

This is Part 2, you can see Part 1 by clicking here and Part 3 by clicking here. This is the second post about how we set up our homeschooling storage after moving into a temporary home while selling our house. We were short on time so we didn't do it entirely out of freebies but if you have the time you could easily get cardboard boxes free (find out how by clicking here) and use leftover paint or scrap cloth to cover them and create free storage solutions. We ended up using Dollar Tree containers to update our storage to create a organized setup I could work with (you know, without loosing my mind).

This is another part of the storage solution not shown in the original picture, because it's across the room (I tried my best to work it into the crate area somehow, it just wasn't going to happen in any way I didn't feel like wasn't seriously unstable). We already had these drawers from our classroom. They store empty folders in the bottom drawer, extra school supplies in the middle (glue, crayons, water colors, markers, etc...), bags to hold future items or to use in crafts in the top drawer (organza bags, drawstings cloth bags, paper sacks, and some plastic sacks we've gotten from company door hangers, booths, etc... On top is the long 9x18 construction paper. These drawers are on top of a hutch my parents have on the other side of the room from our toy box and storage bins.

The square plastic bins on the toy chest store coloring books in the green one, nothing yet in the red one (I'm sure that won't last long), the yellow one has children's books from the curriculum we use and the blue one has some random other books we use for school. Some workbooks, a bingo set, two children's Bibles, some activity books, a Catholic homeschool handbook, etc... They were $1 each at Dollar Tree. Very nice size bins compared to what you normally see size wise at dollar stores and lucky in that they fit almost perfectly on the top shelves of their toy box. The toy box itself will still hold their toys, in an effort to keep their toys and the grandkid's toys separate so we don't have to try and sort through them when we find a new home.

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