Saturday, January 5

Bazil has a new home :(

For the second time in two months we've given a pet away. Two months ago we had two large dogs and three cats. We are realistic enough to know that we would not be fortunate enough to be able to keep them all if we moved.

Oddly enough the two pets that now have new homes are the two in one of my favorite pictures of our pets. BJ and Bazil, pictured above about a year ago when we had just gotten Bazil.

BJ found a good home with my husband's Aunt Bridgette. She was talking about needing a good mouser at a family get together because their's had passed away the previous year. Trevor and I had just begun to discuss the fact that we probably needed to do the responsible thing and see if we could find good homes for a couple of the pets. Especially as we didn't even know when we would be able to  find a new house and would not be at the house with the pets soon. I told Aunt Bridgette about BJ, who is a rehabilitated feral cat. I found him passed out and torn up very badly when he was probably around a year or two old and really didn't expect him to live- his throat had been partially ripped open and he had several other bad gashes. He made it threw somehow and by the time he was better he was able to move much again he knew humans weren't going to hurt him. That was five years ago and he's a wonderful kitty. 

We were not so lucky with Bazil, and ended up putting a add on Craigslist and prayed a good family would see him and love him. Today exactly that happened. A family with young children that wanted a large dog saw our add. Which is perfect because Bazil loved being with our boys more then the adults usually. Trevor just finished taking him to his new home. He said Bazil was already wagging his tail and seemed comfortable when he left and he could tell that the family was completely entranced with their beautiful new dog.

It's so bittersweet. I am so glad they both have good homes. But I miss them anyways and wish we had been in a better position to keep them.

We still have Brockley, Bubbles and Black Jack. We are hoping we can work it out so we can keep them until we find a new home.

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