Thursday, January 31

Clearance Rocks! (saved $234-$289 off retail)

Trevor called me when he got off work the other evening and said, "There's about 30 Vitabath and Alba stuff our HBC managed clearanced this morning here for $1 each.... Want any of it?"

.... "Yes, all please!" .....Lol

Pictured here on our table is around $265-$320 in retail.

Of course depending on where you look at the retail prices, I searched,, and etc... to figure retail range. We spent $31 plus tax. Freaking awesome. 

They all have really good reviews at the various sites for them, I've not used Deep Steep or Vitabath before (will be tonight though lol, they seriously smell devine!), but my experience with Alba is it's very good quality product. 

These two will definitely be going in someone's gift basket or bag. They are both Lavender Chamomile, different brand but both are 'green' products so they'll still work nicely as a set. Vitacost, Amazon and have the Deep Steep Body Butter at $10.95 retail. Amazon has Vitabath Body Wash retail at $7.99, and have it at $9.99 retail. So I would say that's reasonably a $20 value. Will make a very nice addition to someone's gift basket or bag. So yeah, if you get a gift basket from me that includes these I hope you don't mind we got them for an insane clearance price =)

Honestly though, I will be keeping most of this for my own use ;-)

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