Thursday, January 17

Coupons: Breaking Even Month of January

In the Getting Set Up to Coupon Again post I listed out what we had spent to insure a good intake of coupons per month and what we need to save a month, an average of at least $6.91 each month couponing, to break even. This month there was an added $3 from the newspapers we bought. So needed to save $9.91 to break even for this month... sorta. We've only actually have gotten The Passport Book so far. Which means our time frame for the magazines hasn't begun yet because we will get them for a year starting from the day we receive the first. So we really only have The Passport Book and the newspapers to include in the total we need to meet to break even. Which leaves us with $4.76 that we need to use to break even.

We ended up saving $20.71 in vendor coupons Tuesday. So we definitely broke even =)

The other $21.44 coupon you see is the 10% employee discount once a month from Trevor working there. Not bad, I knew it was going to be harder this time around with the food allergies. There are many brands we simply can't use. If it has both corn and wheat it's a no go... and a lot of things have both corn and wheat. We do get a few things for Trevor alone, but mostly it makes little sense to buy something that neither I or the boys can eat. So this receipt includes things like gluten free bread at $4.49.

I also only use coupons if they will really save us money. There were a ton of Quaker coupons we could have used and then gotten a free Tropicana Orange juice on top of... but when we did the math at the store we realized we would have ended up spending something like $6 more then just buying the same thing in the HyVee version (which we like just as much in this case) including buying the HyVee premium orange juice container that is actually twice as much orange juice for only a dollar or so more then half the quantity of Tropicana. So we went that route. I never use coupons just to use them. There are some name brand products we will choose to spend a few cents more on with a coupon then a sale or off brand... because of allergy or taste preference. If something is reasonable comparable (as in the case of the oat meal and the orange juice) we don't spend more just to use the coupon and get the name brand.

This month we were also shopping for my parents. This trip is for the next two weeks ish. Except for some produce and perishables that will obviously need to be bought next week as well. Not really too bad for 6 people and three with severe food allergies.. Almost $60 ($59.85- with coupons already accounted for) is household, personal care, medicine, etc..  So that's $122.81 in actual groceries. When it was just me, Trevor and Tristian I use to be able to keep our food budget under $150 a month, and most of that was produce... and out food plus household/personal care under $200 a month. It is definitely going to be much harder to get it down this time around... especially with prices seeming to have gone up quite a bit in the last three years even on things that aren't stuff we have to buy allergy free alternatives of.

One very positive is after this trip we have 37¢ off a gallon on our next gas stop. We normally fill about 12 gallons, so that's another $4.44 off, $2.64 of which was earned this shopping trip. Nice =)

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