Monday, January 14

Coupons, Deals and Sales... oh my

I forgot that sometimes couponing can be a little overwhelming. Last night we were trying to plan out meals and grocery shopping for the next week to pick up tomorrow. Trevor brought home a couple newspapers because they had $102 coupons inside. I feel a little like the chick there in the corner looks.

Hehe, seriously though- there were some good deals in coupons and good deals in the ads. 69¢ a pound per chicken quarters and 69¢ per Dole Iceberg Lettuce bag in the Hy-Vee 2 day ad. Both very helpful for us =) Found some yoplait printable coupons to stack with the yoplait sale. There were some Quaker coupons in the paper to stack with the Quaker sale. Quaker isn't technically gluten free (they don't add wheat, but because of the growing process can't guarantee some wheat doesn't end up in the crop randomly). As long as we just get the plain oatmeal without anything added it doesn't seem to bother Tristian. Plus, it's much cheaper then the Bob's Red Mill (although we have found Bob's Red Mill for decent prices at Big Lots before). Oats are kinda a gray area in the whole gluten free thing. Some with celiac seem to have just as much problem with oats as with wheat. Lucky for us oats don't seem to bother Tristian at all, in fact they are one of his favorite foods at the moment =)

We made a deal with my parents that we would do the grocery shopping for the house and cook supper. It seemed silly to have two couples shopping really and it's easier for us to cook meals that everyone can eat (we have wheat, dairy and corn allergies to deal with lol). It shouldn't be too hard with Trevor working at a HyVee we get 10% off once a month, plus couponing and shopping sales we should be able to keep the grocery bill reasonable and everyone fed ;-)

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