Monday, January 21

First Day of Swimming Class 2013

Tristian had his first swimming class of the year Saturday. We only have the one car so I set them up so that Trevor would be off for the classes normally. Granted we tried this once before and then days off changed lol ;-) Trev normally has Thursday and Saturday off. Which is why we normally go to Church on Saturday instead of Sunday.

Tris really enjoyed the class. It was at the ARC this time and Trevor said the last few minutes they let the kids run around and play in the kids water area. Tris had a blast of course =)

This is his second time in the beginning class. He's having some trouble getting comfortable with water. He'll get there I'm sure.

He doesn't like anything were he doesn't feel firmly rooted. He won't generally sit on anything wobbly, never sat on random toys the way Trace does. He can get very frightened if someone who is holding him trips or anything like that. He has never to my knowledge been dropped, and to me this seems inherent rather then learned. I hadn't thought about it before putting him in swimming, but I'm hoping getting comfortable in water that is not firm at all may help lesson that phobia a little.

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