Monday, January 7

Grandparents: Not just for spoiling

Tristian and Grandma
You know that old adage? That grandparents are best for spoiling grandkids and giving them back? We found something grandparents are even better for (in our opinions lol).... all those tricky questions we (the parents) don't know how, or don't have the gumption, to answer!

So we're in the car on the way to Trevor's parents (who are Grandma and Grandpa to the boys) and Tristian starts asking questions.
"Mom where does Jesus live since he died?"
We've been discussing Jesus a lot lately.
"In Heaven with God, honey."
"Because that's where God lives, honey"
"And God is Jesus' daddy."
"Yes, honey"
"Like Trevor is my daddy"
Tristian is very big on knowing everyone's names, even ours.
"Yes, honey"
"Mom, where's Heaven?"
"Heaven's with God, honey."
"but WHERE?" ....
"Hey Dad" says Mom, "Where's Heaven?"
"You know what?" Says Dad, "That's a really good question for Grandma...."

Flash forward a few weeks later, in the car again on our way to my parents from seeing the Magic Tree (which I will post pics of soon). Similar line of questioning ends with, "Mom, why does the Earth spin?" "You know what, that's a great question to ask Papa..."

Daddy was really on to something with this idea. ;-)

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