Thursday, January 3

Grateful For #1: Deep Breaths

This is an idea I'm borrowing from Kelsey at Her and her husband have a blog I really enjoy reading. Thank you for sharing your grateful for 365 things idea Kelsey.

Trace and I just got out if urgent care hear in town. Antibiotics and more nebulizers for me. Light steroid and nebulizer for Trace(said his antibiotic still had about five days of working to do, even though the doses are up). Hopefully this will get Trace feeling better sooner.

So what am I thankful for while we're sick? This is the first time in more then three years (November of 2009) that a doctor has listened to my lungs or cough and not immediately tried to prescribe me prednisone. Do you know how awesome that is? For the last three years anytime I went to the doctor, even if it was suppose to be totally unrelated to my lungs, the doctor has tried to prescribe prednisone. And here I am, sick with a lung infection and I DON'T need prednisone! Too awesome. I am very grateful the nightmare of the last few years is finally approaching that light at the end of the tunnel. Ecstatic, I doubt anyone has ever been quite this happy as a result of being sick before. I certaintly haven't :)

Thank you God for helping us through the medical problems of the past few years, and thank you for helping steer us closer to the answers that will lead us out of it.

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