Friday, January 18

Grateful For #16: Sleeping Babies

I love my children... but sometimes it is such a blessing when they both finally asleep and Mommy and Daddy have some alone without kids time.

I feel very blessed that neither my husband our I seem to be the type that crave time away from kids or family responsibilities. We are both grateful for the time when we get it and Girl's Night is wonderful, but nether of us seems to feel a need for it. I must admit, some nights when the kids are finally asleep I breathe a sigh of relief and feel a little bit of 'whew, I made it through another day" ness.

Granted, that feeling today is probably gonna be a while coming. With this sinus intection Trace has been taking two naps during the day but staying up til midnight or one in the morning... it's driving me a little bonkers -.-

Thank you God for giving me and Trevor those few moments out now and again.

The boys napping and Grandma and Grandpa's a month or so ago

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