Tuesday, January 22

Grateful For #20: Not Being Too Stupid Too Often

I woke up this morning and the house was spinning... still. I vaguely remember it doing this before I went to sleep. Which ruled out the idea of a natural disaster... unless one lasted 6 hours. No this is the after affects of one of those nights where a glass of wine somehow turned into a bottle... and maybe a couple fingers of scotch too... I don't remember.

After finally shoving a few bites of breakfast down and getting most a cup of coffee into me- I'm able to think back to last time I felt like this.... when it wasn't from the flu. I realized it had been quite some time. Thank God.

Thank God for gained wisdom and rare lapses in judgement.

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  1. Luckily you are a very happy drunk =) I will be laughing for a while at that evening though. I didn't even realize you had drank so much for the longest time.

    "Trevor, if you're tired go to sleep honey."
    "I can'T. Everything's spinning."
    "How much did you drink? Go drink some water."
    "I can'T"

    hehe, you were pronouncing your Ts like Tristian does, very hard and defined. It reminded me of him so much.

    You are adorable, I love you.


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