Thursday, January 24

Grateful For #22: Medical Advancement

Not just the obvious machinery, understanding and prescription bottle- but things we take more for granted every day (although many of us take those dozen or so pills a day for granted too lol). But things like eye glasses. So many people have trouble seeing who a thousand years ago would have not had a chance to see clearly (did you know the first pair of wearable eye glasses we know about dates to 1284 by an Italian inventer?) Did you know that they just did the first uterus transplants in Sweden in September? They were from mothers to their daughters and one daughter had her uterus removed from cancer and the other was born without a uterus. This gives them a chance at pregnancy they would not have had otherwise, how awesome is that?

Medical advancements are truly amazing.

Thank you God for giving us the ability to figure these things out and make these sort of advancements that better and prolong so many lives.

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