Friday, January 25

Grateful For #23: Free Will & Not Judging

You don't choose how you are raised, you only choose what you will do as an adult.
No person should judge a child based on being taught the wrong ways, or an adult that is trying to figure out the right ones.

You don't choose you health, you only choose what you do anyways.
No person should judge another on what they think another might be dealing with or not medically, or for not acting the way they think someone should be acting with a certain medical situation.

You don't choose how fast you think or how you learn, you only can choose not to give up until you 'get it'.
No person should judge another for it taking them a little longer to 'get it' then they think it should.

You don't choose what life throws at you, you can only choose your reactions.
No person should judge another for having different life experiences, or reacting differently then they would.

You don't choose who you were born being, you only get to choose what you do and then only to your best ability.
No person should judge another for not choosing the way they would... with different knowledge and experiences.

Thank you God for giving me the ability to choose and the ability to choose not to judge others.

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