Wednesday, January 30

Grateful For #28: Good Advice

My Grandma (my father's mom) once told me that one thing she had learned over the years was to listen to that first little voice when you go to do something. That it's God telling you not to be fool. She said many times she would have the unexplained feeling that she should do something a certain way, and if she let herself rational out why she shouldn't she would always find herself latter kicking herself for not listen to that first thought.

It's one of those tidbits I've kept with me. Trust your first instinct. Trust your first inclination. I've found myself disliking people upon meeting them more then once and talking myself out of it, rationally laying out why it was silly to feel that way... only to find out that my first inclination was spot on down the road. I've found myself going through a project more then once just to realize that if I'd done it the way I originally thought (before I started trying to be practical about it) that it would have turned out better or easier. I've nearly learned to trust that first thought. I still let myself rational out things occasionally, and usually regret it. Sometimes innate reasoning is the most solid... even if we don't know how it works.

Of all the advice I've been given I count this advice the best.

Thank you God for my Grandma and her good advice, please tell her I said so too =)

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