Friday, January 11

Great CS: The Passport Book (Mid-MO coupon book)

The Passport Book is sorta like Mid-Missouri's answer to not having a Entertainment book for any of the cities in Mid-MO.

Last time we got The Passport Book it had things like $5 off such n such amount at different grocery stores and etc... Coupons that really helped out and more then paid for the book. I haven't really couponed since Trace was born, just too crazy with life and medical stuff. Now that we are getting better medically and he's getting older I'm starting to feel like I should get back in that game. It helped seeing a friend's mom getting great deals couponing and posting them on her blog- Made my start itching to to do the same again.

So we asked around and found out that Rock Bridge Elementary is selling The Passport Book ( for a fundraiser here in Columbia. They didn't have the stuff yet so I headed over to the site to order one. I could not get the site to take either of our Debit cards. Called the bank and everything should have been fine. So I called The Passport Book this morning and talked to Deb... who was wonderful! It turned out that I was entering the wrong street address, that the card still has an old street address as our billing address. Whoops. Deb gave us free shipping for our trouble even though it was all my fault. She was extremely patient with me while I tried to juggle the call, kids and poor cell phone reception and was just awesome in general.

Thank you again Deb for your awesome customer support!

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  1. Just wanted to update that I got the book this morning! Talk about fast shipping!


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