Tuesday, January 15

Mom's Night Out

Amanda's cards read 1 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 11 12
She needed two sets.....
Now that the holiday season has come and gone for another year, it's time for Trev and I to breathe a sigh of relief that we made it through the chaotic holiday season once again- only slightly worse for the wear.

It's a new year, with lot of adventures and experiences just waiting to happen, one of the experiences I'm looking forward to again this year is girl's night =)

I love my children- very, very much. I love my husband more then words can express. I love my life. I thank God several times daily for so many blessings.

Girl's night is probably one of the things that helps me keep feeling that way ;-)
Whether a parent or not, in school, work at home or outside the home everyone needs some relax with friends time.

That's what girl's night is for me. Girls night normally consists of my friend's Amanda, Brittnay and me, with a few others here and there (we are always happy for more company). I'd like to say we have a regular schedule, but it's honestly pretty arbitrary- more or less as schedules allow. At times just trying to figure out a date to do it is frustrating, but it's always worth it. We casually rotate houses and it's not a rule but we each have our own things we bring; one usually brings the snack food, another the games or cards, I normally bring the alcohol :-) The only real rule is no kids and no spouses allowed, although not all of us have either or both.

The idea is this night is just us. We play cards, board games, whatever. Eat snack food. Catch up with each other. Bounce ideas, joys, and frustrations off each other.

For a few hours I am not, "Mom" "Mama" or "Babe" and especially not, "Mom- Mom- Mom!- MOM!!!"

By the end of each night I miss my boys, and I'm ready to get back. Even when getting back means walking in on a halfway frantic husband trying to get our youngest back to sleep as said child yells, "MaaaMaaa, Pleeeeaasee MaaaMaa!" (this is actually what greeted me after last girls night). Just those hours out made that situation very nearly endearing, rather then the tired frustration it normally would invoke.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even just a few short hours ;-)

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