Wednesday, January 23

Need Boxes For Moving? Storage? Whatever?

This is my best frugal moving tip, hands down. We are moving, well kinda sorta in the process of moving. So I was thinking about doing this and decided to post it.

I see this a lot. Someone is moving and buying boxes from somewhere. Or asking on freecycle or craigslist if where to get cheap boxes from. You can almost always get FREE boxes. (I only say almost cause I'm sure somewhere this isn't the case, I just don't know about the place).

Here's where to get moving boxes free- Go to your local grocery store (well, probably any store really that does volume in sales) and ask for boxes. Take a piece of paper or index card with your name, number, rough size of box preference (if applicable), when you will be back to get them and how many you want. Leave it with customer service, a backroom manager or nightstock manager. Then come back at that time! (or the boxes will have long since hit the compactor). Calling right before heading back may not hurt either.

Most stores are more then happy to throw some boxes in a cart rather then the compactor for a customer who asks nicely =) Trust me, I did this all the time for customers and my husband still does.

Not to mention this is a much greener, more earth friendly route then buying them off the store shelves. These boxes existed for a different purpose already and served that purpose. So reusing them to move with, for storage or crafts is another way reduce, recycle reuse and keep our world a little greener.

The boxes under the fabric are Wesson Cooking Oil boxes that fit perfectly inside the crates. Took them home, put some scrap fabric on them, poof! Perfect storage boxes. This entire piece was made from freebies and scrap. The crates were going to be tossed out by the store, the paint was leftover from past projects, the fabric was old shower curtains and chair coverings, the boxes (of course) were compacter fodder from the store my husband's at.

Which brings me to the next point, if you are looking for a specific size box it can be a little more tricky to find. Find out when the large truck orders are stocked at your grocery store. Ours are at night. Plan your shopping trip for that time and keep an eye for boxes the size you want. Take a tape measurer.... if it's night time the only people to think you are weird is nightstock... and trust me, they've seen much worse. If you find a box that works ask nicely if you can have it. Good chance they can stock the items real quick and put overstock in another box. A box is a box to a grocery store clerk.

So again, next time you are looking for boxes for moving, a project, or general storage check out your local stores. Reduce, reuse and recycle =)

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