Tuesday, January 1

Nothing Like Bonding With Your Parents Over...

Two bottles of champagne, a third each of two bottles of scotch, two bottles red wine, and 3/4ths a bottle of white wine. All while watching sing along Mama Mia and then a very commentaried version of Hogfather (courtesy of my Daddy). 
Happy New Years!

Trevor and I had plans to go out with some very dear friends New Years Eve to the Country Swing party here in town, Mom and Dad had planned to stay in and were going to watch the boys for us. But the snow didn't stop all day and by the time Trevor got off work it really didn't seem like a great idea. So instead we decided to spend the evening with my parents.

Oh fun times!!!

Actually the night was really pretty nice. The boys had a blast watching their own shows and playing with toys downstairs. With the occasionally trip to the main floor for something or other. Did you know that papa can stuff two Elmo's inside a can? So much fun!

Anyways, Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a very safe and fun New Years Eve.

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