Monday, January 7

Post Holiday Homeschool

We are starting back up homeschool today. Fun times =) We had the month of December off, one of the nice things about home school is you get to make your own schedule. We do five days a week most weeks regardless of holidays, but we can work in things like a month off for the winter holidays ;-)

What we are doing today-

  • Social Studies: Before the break we were working on our community book for general social studies, today we are going to ease back into that by using a web to brainstorm attributes of a neighbor. 
  • History: We had just wrapped up Mesopotamia for historic social studies. So today we are going to go over our ancient civilizations pocketbook and to remind us about Nomads, Egypt and Mesopotamia- plus reread some exerts of The Story of the World.
  • Spelling: We are going to go over our previous spelling lists and spell the words out loud, to make sure we remember how, then introduce this weeks spelling words. Normally on Monday we put together a spelling list model, but we'll do that tomorrow since we're doing review.
  • Reading: Probably just do a 30 minute read alone time today. That way he has some relax time that is also school time. Tomorrow we'll go over a previous reading review worksheet to freshen up the different parts of a story and etc. Then just read alone time for the rest of the week. Normally Tristian picks a chapter book for read alone time, when he finishes the book we do a reading review sheet, where we figure out the different story elements. This means that most days reading time is relax time.
  • Language Arts: Refresh on the parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, etc) do a mad lib.
  • Math: Review counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s to 100. Sort some attributes and finish some patterns. Brushing up.
  • Science: We had just finished up about plants when we stopped for break. We are going to refresh that a little then move on to observing what a drop of water is like. We'll be introducing the use of a science journal today.
  • Religion: Tristian in enrolled in Catechism at Sacred Heart here in town, so we don't always feel the need to do something on this subject every day. Sometimes there are activities in one of our for boys devotionals I can wrap in with other subjects we are studying. Today I don't want to overload Tristian and he just had Sunday School yesterday- so will probably only do something if he requests it.
  • Physical Education: Tristian is enrolled 2 days a week in Jr Tae Kwon Do (Thursdays) and Swimming (Saturdays). Those both start back up on the 19th or thereabouts I believe.

We are at my parents so we had to figure things out a little bit. I don't think it will be too bad. Spent most the early morning mapping out what we are doing. They have a room upstairs we are able to use so that Trace doesn't drive Tristian batty trying to help him with his school work. That will help a lot. We don't have a chalk board here, but we have a half dry erase half chalk board the boys draw on at home I will try to get tonight to hang up in the room upstairs. Not nearly as big as our chalk contact paper board on the classroom wall at home, but should work fine.

Need to remember to get or make a larger chalk board to use when we move- i know the contact paper is removable, but would probably be easier to just have a hang up board of some sort instead of keep having to buy more chalk paper if we move again.

Going to go wake Tristian up and get our day rolling =)

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