Wednesday, January 9

Sleep is Overrated... and other things

Eventually Trace Will Sleep Through the Night. I know he will. Tristian was 3 before he did, so Trace still isn't as old as his brother was yet when he first slept through a night. I'm just tired and cranky lol.

Spent most of the night before last planning out homeschool and cleaning. Yesterday was brutal just from only having maybe and hour or two of sleep after still getting over being sick. My lungs aren't horrible, but they aren't really wanting to work just yet so it's dragging a bit.

Tristian is ready to rock as far as being better- but was really not into the whole get back to school idea quite yet. Granted with so much review it's not as much fun as normal lol. Hopefully wrap up review this morning and get into week 19 of the curriculum. We ended pre-break school on a review week in the curriculum (that would have been awesome planning on my part, but it was actually just luck, we got to week 18 and it said REVIEW lol). So I am basically just doing a condensed repeat of week 18, then will do week 19 and 20 over the next week and a half. Be back on track with week 21 monday-friday like normal.

Tae Kwon Do starts on the 17th, Swimming on the 19th. Tris is really excited that those are starting up again soon. He loves his Tae Kwon Do class, and the teacher is awesome. He doesn't love swimming quite as much, but I think he will once he gets a little better at it. He still gets excited about it, just more excited about Tae Kwon Do.

Trevor is off Thursday and Friday this week. Got a lot to make up since we are finally not sick. Hopefully finish the master bath and bedroom (I'm starting to sound like a parrot). It'll all work out in the long run, I know it will ;-)

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