Saturday, January 5

Some of my creations

Some things we've made or done that I haven't made individual posts about.

refrigerator picture frames. made from dollar store frames, glue all and some magnet tape. hot glue will not work for this. it comes undone after a day if you use hot glue :( much nicer looking then before though =)

I did show these in the decorative block post because I talked a little about making them when discussing making those blocks. But the post wasn't really about the wagon and blocks. These were for Trace's Christmas present last year. He still loves them. 2x2s, 2x4s, some screws, wheels, string (we cleaned and reused the string from a very torn up hoody, but initially I was just going to crochet one) and a circle with a hole we used a drill accessory to make. You will need a table saw to do the blocks with any real regularity. Some paint and ingenuity and we had an awesome toy. Originally I tried to find all the stencils to use (hobby lobby has a wonderful stencil section) but couldn't find everything I wanted. Eventually I came up with the idea of cutting them out of paper, when did not work too great until I thought of using cardstock. Cardstock works very well to print images on and cut them out to make stencils.

this is a dollar store shoe pocket organizer. i cut it in half an resewed it together so that is was four pockets by two pockets instead of two pocket by four pockets (I know that sounds like the same thing, but the one is MUCH longer) then I used wire cutters to cut a white hanger and bend it to shape to use as the hooks to hold this on the back of the shower door. perfect size for shampoo and body washes.

This is the entryway open closet we built a couple years ago. very simple, but really helps storage wise. you are basically making a bookshelf with only two shelves and a rod to hang things on.

this is made from crates i painted one color on the outside and another on the inside, trevor screwed them together, then I covered some boxes with scrap fabric. great way to store the boys toys in the front room.

fireplace we built last year. we didn't like the electric prebuilt ones look. so we got an insert and built our own. This was made our of 2x4s and joint compound mostly lol. The tiles we got from home depot for a think a few bucks each. This fireplace sets on top of a vent (horrible I know) so to accomidate that in the summer when we want ac going we made sure most the inside is hollow, and those depressed panels you see are actually mesh to allow better air flow. that is also to help the insert be able to pull air in easily as well. This does not conjoin to the wall, but is painted the same color and meant to set up against it.

$8 door wreath using a $2 20inch wreath from walmart and dollar store everything else. 

mirror frosted word art using $1 wall art stickers from the dollar store, metalic spray paint and spray laquer (so you can clean it without destroying it). to get the edges I tore peices of masking tape on put them so the torn side created the edging line when sprayed.

wall mounted entertainment center we made when we couldn't find one a few years ago. made our of 2x4s and plywood.


  1. Hey!! LOVE the crate idea! Where did you get the crates that you painted?

    1. They were ones Hy-Vee was going to toss out when they redid the produce displays. Trev asked if he could take them home instead, figuring we could use them for something... and he was very right lol ;-)

      How's your kitchen coming?


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