Wednesday, January 2

Still Sick -.-

Aw, picture of Daddy napping with Trace. Our nights have been pretty rough lately because, of course, the coughs are always worse at night. So when Trevor got home from work yesterday he and Trace took a nap. So sweet =)

This bug just isn't going away, it's been 8 days since Christmas when we first realized we were sick. Trevor is the only one that's gotten rid of it. The boys are both on antibiotics but they don't seem to be helping, which makes me think it's viral. Nothing about their or my own symptoms make me think this is bacterial. 

I'm doing ok. Sick sucks, but it's not affecting my normal movement (walking, talking, picking up the boys, etc)- a year ago the shortness of breath on a good day still affected normal function. If it's not gone Friday I'll go in. I hate being on prednisone, messes with my blood sugar so I spend the whole time shaking. Right now treatments, and otc meds are doing fine- rather not go in unless it really isn't gonna let up on it's own.

Tristian seems to be doing much better, except at night he still is having problems if he doesn't stay propped up. He hasn't really seemed short of breath at all and was playing up a storm yesterday. A year ago with him would have also been a totally different story. He's not eating very much the last couple of days, which is worrying. Hopefully his appetite will be back in full force in a day or two.

Trace really just hates this being sick thing, poor baby. His sinuses are stuffed up bad and his cough is still just awful sounding. The discharge is all clear, though, no color at all. All our fevers are low grade at this point, too. So I really think it's viral. Trace is having problems sleeping with it of course. He's been keeping us both up pretty late at night. Which means Mommy and Daddy are both a little sleep deprived and crabby.

Trevor has Thrusday, Friday, Saturday off (Thursday and Saturday are his normal days, Friday is in there as his New Year Holiday). So that will be nice. I think me and the boys all three will be going in for doctor visits if we still have symptoms friday. I don't know if they could do anything if it's viral, but better safe then sorry, with it hanging on for more then a week.


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