Thursday, January 24

Teaching Trace to Read

Tristian started teaching himself to read a little younger then Trace is now. He had colors, shapes, etc down pretty pat and was putting together jigsaw puzzles like a mad man. We didn't know it wasn't normal. We had people tell us is was amazing... we thought it was one of those compliments people say... youknow? I'm not really sure what we thought about it all really... we just didn't think it was too out of the ordinary.

Now Trace is a different story.

He is just starting to notice colors and letters. Only very recently started saying words beyond the classic- mom, dad, no and please. He still doesn't really notice the difference between shapes and numbers (give him a sorting box and he'll try to put the 4 in the 2 spot for as long as you let him). He is only just learning to put the classic baby puzzles together (where you place a animal or some other shape into it's cut out spot). By today's standard Trace is a little delayed.

The thing is, Trace isn't dumb. He has been dismantling things since just over a year old. He took apart his first set of hinges on a step stool with a pop up lid at 15 months old. If he can find a tool to use he will. If he can't find a tool he very patiently sits and works at screws and other fixtures with his fingers until he can work them loose and apart. He is also amazingly musical. He has been noticably fascinated by music since he was a newborn. He starting wordlessly singing along with songs in tune at just a few months old. If he's in the mood to you can sing notes to him and he will match you back note for note. It is a little frustrating when people make comments about Trace just not being as smart as Tristian, they almost always try to qualify it it- well Tris is so advanced.... I wholeheartedly disagree. Trace is just as smart... but in a very different way.

However I feel a lot of pressure to make sure Trace learns to read pretty early too. I feel like if I don't give him that option he may always be compared to a brother that did these amazing intellectual stuff so much younger then him. I don't want him feeling like if he had just been given the chance, he could have shown he was just as 'smart'. I know that just reading early isn't really a measure of this, but for some reason it's something I feel strongly about doing for Trace.

I know that they are both smart in their own ways. I know that there are things Trace is and will be good at that Tristian isn't or won't be, just like the opposite is true. I just never want one to look back and feel like something makes one 'better' or 'smarter' then the other. I'm not really sure how or if we can achieve that as parents, but I hope we can minimize it at least.

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