Thursday, January 17

Thank You Cici's Pizza For Making It Right

A few days ago my husband had a bad experience with Cici's Pizza here in town. Trevor asked me to get a hold of them to let the managers at Cici's know what happened, just because that's gotta be eating into their business with Little Caeser's right there now (no pun intended by hehe). The manager there (John Fernandaz) got a hold of us, apologized and gave us 2 large pizzas and cinnamon rolls free.

Here's what had happened. Trevor ordered a couple large pizzas for carry out after work for us and my parents. They told him it was busy would be such n such time. He works just across the street from them and said, "ok, no problem" when and sat in their parking lot. Their were only 5 tables with people at them. He waited the alloted time, went in and was told, "oh sorry, I forgot to give them your order- it'll be like 8 minutes" Who makes good pizza in 8 minutes? So Trevor went across the street to Little Caeser's instead.

We appreciate good customer service. Trevor and I both know retail. So we understand that you can't always help having a bad experience or bad help. You can try, but no matter how good of a manager you are mistakes will be made and some workers will slack if the manager isn't there (when the cats away the mice will play... I've always like that saying lol). What you can do is make it right if it happens. That denotes good customer service and business practices as much as anything else. Cici's Pizza here in Columbia, MO made it right. Thank you for that Mr. Fernandaz.

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