Tuesday, January 29

Tristian's School Picture

Normally we get pictures of the boys individually each year, and will hopefully continue to do so since we won't be getting actual school pictures as we homeschool. This year though we had a truly awful experience with Sears photography. The girl was obviously waiting for someone else to show up. Wasn't paying any attention to us, we had to come up with poses, we had to get the kids to smile. We had a TOTAL of 20-25 pictures to look through after an hour of photo shooting, that's all she took. That's not the good ones, that's all of them.

There wasn't a single picture of all of us smiling. Tris bitting his lip and Trace's half smile in the picture on our About Us page were the closest we could get to one. We didn't even have time to take pictures of the boys individually. It was awful. Lesson learned... won't be using Sears again. So I've been putting off what to do about an 8x10 of each boy for this year. 

Last night I could not breathe so couldn't sleep (I haven't slept yet today, I'm totally loopy atm so sorry if this post is jumbled) so I fooled around with the family picture (I always get copywrite free cd of at least one pic to use in the holiday cards I design each year). This is what I came up with by isolating Tris and creating a solid background for him instead of Dad's shirt.

Not perfect... not professional... but should be decent to get an 8x10 of it for his frame. Kinda will suck that it's the same pose as our family picture... but it is what it is.

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